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Know their names: The Palestinians killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza

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The Israeli army has killed more than 10,000 Palestinians, including some 4,300 children, since it began a major military offensive against Gaza a month ago.

Israel declared war on Hamas, launching both air and ground operations in response to an October 7 attack that claimed at least 1,400 lives.

The Israeli government has so far dismissed the growing calls for a ceasefire, even as Gaza’s humanitarian crisis deepens and the UN pleaded for an end to the “inhumane collective suffering”.

The Palestinians killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza 
These are the thousands of Palestinians killed in Israel’s bombardment since October 7.
Who are Israeli settlers, and why do they live on Palestinian lands?
 As many as 700,000 Israeli settlers are living illegally in the occupied West Bank.
‘My father is missing’ Unable to go home, some Gaza patients and relatives referred to a Jerusalem hospital were arrested after their medical permits expired.
WATCH: ‘The war now is on the very existence of Palestinians’
Al Jazeera correspondent Nida Ibrahim outlines what’s been happening in the occupied West Bank over the past month.
Analysis: Hamas’s asymmetric warfare against Israel – lessons from Ukraine
Asymmetric wars are usually bloodier and more savage than those between regular armies.
PODCAST : Diaries of Israel’s war on Gaza Here is what it means to report from inside the bombarded territory for a month.

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